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Bluegill Fishing

Bluegill fishing is one of the most popular game fish in North America. Most people started out fishing for bluegills when they were kids. While fishing for bluegills might be a good way to introduce someone to the world of fishing, experience fisherman know that bluegill fishing is for all ages and skill levels. Bluegills are also one of the best tasting freshwater fish you will find.

You can fish for bluegills year round but the premium time is late spring to early autumn. 70 degrees is a good temp to find bluegills in shallow water and near shore.

You don’t need a fancy rod and reel for bluegills. I just look for a rod that has a sensitive tip so that you can feel the bluegills nibbling at your bait.  Just pick a reel that matches you rod and the line you need. You don’t need a big reel for bluegills.  Also, you will want to use light line. I usually will use 4lb line but have even use 2lb line in the past. Bluegills might be the least picky eater of all other fish. Sometimes you can even catch them on a bare hook but I would not suggest that. I feel live bait works the best. I use waxworms or maggots most of the time. If you are using live bait I would just put a bobber or float about 18 inches up your line from the hook. You will have to judge how much weight you need but I would use a splitshot weight and put it around 2 inches up your line from the hook. You can then just add another splitshot weight if you need it.

You can also use artificial lures when it comes to bluegill fishing.  A plain jig setup works great also. You can tip your jig with a waxworm and have great success. You can also use small spinnerbaits. I done good with the smallest rooster tail you can get.

I could go into this a lot more but I just wanted to give a short and simple guide to get people started bluegill fishing.  Good luck.


This rain needs to go away!!!! I am going to get into gardening and plant rice if this rain keeps up.

I came across a video about using  spinnerbaits for Walleye about a year ago. I decided to revisit the video and felt I would share it on here. On the video, Al Lindner and a friend show you how to use a spinnerbait for walleye.

Spinner Walleye

Today is opening day for Walleye and Sauger in Pennsylvania. Hope everyone had a good day out.

Lets say your a shore fisherman. What is one of the best places to fish for catfish? Well that would be a dock. Many catfishermen fail to realize this and go marching through the woods to find a place to shore fish. What make a dock so good? You standing on cover. Catfish love cover. All you have to do is drop your bait within 5 ft of the dock. You can also just lower live bait down. At night is another great time to fish a dock. Many docks have lights on them and that attracts baitfish to the area. Just remember to be quiet while your on the dock.

I read many blogs when I have time and I was reading this one tonight and there was a post that I felt I should share.  It comes from Bass Parade. Please click on the link to visit their blog and read the very important  post.

Great Lakes Fishing May Eventually Die.

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